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New Routes

Executive Counselling and Coaching
New Routes provides solution focused counselling in Lancashire

Supporting Leaders to Thrive

New Routes exists to provide the very best in well-being support for executives, directors, and leaders at every level. From coaching to counselling, debriefing to group facilitation, New Routes has experienced staff ready to meet the needs of public, private, and third-sector clients.

Leaders at every level of their organisations carry the success of their teams on their shoulders. Positions of power come with great rewards but often lead us to create walls around ourselves – a facade that must always appear professional, with no room for self-care for fear of showing weakness of any kind.

But the truth is that self-care can be make or break for those in leadership positions. Prevention and early intervention for issues such as stress, health and sleep issues, anxiety and depression among others can be the difference between career success and a host of additional issues that can over ow into our professional and personal lives, affecting relationships, health, and ultimate our lives as a whole.

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New Routes provides self-care focused counselling and coaching in Lancashire, Preston and the North West


Executive & Senior Support

· One-to-one confidential counselling provision for senior leaders to build resilience and wellbeing.

· Solution focused, person-centred approach to achieve results tailored to your needs.




Staff Coaching

· 1:1 confidential counselling.

· Solution focused performance coaching.

· 60 minute on-premises sessions (if required).






Defusing / Debriefing

· Support for staff and senior leaders post event to debrief incidents and events.

· Training & workshops to enable staff to debrief each other on a regular basis (focused on pastoral roles).




Group Supervision

· Support for staff and managers in addressing the emotional transference from their role.

· An opportunity to re ect on the impact of themselves on others in the workplace.

· Working with teams to become more effective.

· Supporting organisations to change culture.

The challenges of being a leader in any organisation are clear, what is perhaps less clear is the self-stigmatisation of those leaders regarding their own wellbeing and their mental health. The challenges of being a leader and being able to say "I need support" without compromising their position represents a significan challenge for many executives.

Research suggests some 15% of executives are not just stressed but in fact ‘in distress’ from overwhelming demand. Research also suggests this stems from isolation, pressures of the post, transference and overwhelmingly for both executives and senior leaders, the findings presented suggest self-stigmatisation as the biggest cause – the view that it is seen as ‘weak’ to ask for help.

The services offered can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and individual and are provided by fully qualified, experienced counsellor and coach, with extensive experience both as a senior leader in the public and third sector and supporting leaders and resources in organisations.

New Routes is an official current provider of these services across both the public and third sector.

"Having done stuff like this before I didn't know whether I would gain even more insight into myself - but I certainly did." - September 2016
New Routes provides self-care focused counselling and coaching in Lancashire, Preston and the North West


How effective am I?

A one day innovative personal development workshop that focuses on you. The workshop raises self-awareness and asks the questions ‘how effective am I?, what do I need and what do I want?’.

Attendance: maximum 10 delegates.

Location: as agreed.

What affects me?

A workshop considering why we need to debrief events or incidents at work. The session looks at the impact on staff and managers alike and helps to nd a way forward.

Attendance: maximum 10 delegates.

Location: as agreed.

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"Great opportunity to step out, reflect and not feel the need to be or try to be something you're not" - Third-Sector Business Leader, March 2017
New Routes provides self-care focused counselling and coaching in Lancashire, Preston and the North West

Residentials and Events

All about you!

A weekend residential team building event with an added focus on you!

Working as a team and being a part of a team – how do we really fit and what is it like for us? Developing self-awareness and insight through indoor and outdoor activities, building teams and considering the impact of the team on us and equally the impact we have on a team.

Groups and individuals welcome.

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"Go with an open mind... then you can leave with a greater experience - 10/10!" - South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, March 2017
New Routes provides self-care focused counselling and coaching in Lancashire, Preston and the North West

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"The moment in between what you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place." - Barbara De Angelis
New Routes provides self-care focused counselling and coaching in Lancashire, Preston and the North West
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