Counselling for Executives and Professinals

Executive Coaching is both routinely sought and commissioned by organisations and individuals as a means to aid unlock their potential; often seen as career enhancing.

Executive counselling as a means to support Senior Executives has had less recognition, but is now growing in demand with high levels of stress routinely reported and accepted by Senior Executives as part of their role.

Executives and Professionals are often in isolated, unique positions dealing with issues that those around them, professional and personal, may not fully understand or always appreciate.

These roles can demand that the person presents as competent no matter what, resilient to whatever comes their way. The reality can be that inwardly such roles do struggle with organisational unfairness, the ‘politics’, insecurity and the endless search for sustainability, let alone the people issues!

Many Executives are fully aware of the stress they face and how this is impacting on them personally and professionally, but not all are aware of what they can do to address this.

Internal support such as Occupational Health and Employee Assisted Programmes are routinely utilised to support other resources but a stigma is often held about accessing their own support via this route.

New Routes Ltd is an established provider of Executive supervision and counselling working with a whole range of issues including:

Feedback from Senior Leaders has routinely offered how the support has helped them professionally in being more effective as they developed strategies to address their stress and importantly the impact on their personal lives and on their own self-worth.

The impact on organisations can include improvments to:
The ‘What’

Executive counselling is a confidential, safe space to discuss issues professional and personal that are having an adverse impact on you personally and professionally and ultimately the organisation.

The focus in finding an individual’s solutions to their issues that are sustainable using integrative approaches drawing on cognitive behavioural and insight person centred models.

The ‘Who’

Experience indicates this process can be particularly helpful for Chief Executives, teachers, Company Directors or any type of leader.