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What is supervision?

Unlike managent supervision, which is often focused on getting the job done, clinical supervision is about working with people who work with people to consider those relationship issues. Often regardless of the issue, the underling factor is something to do with the relationship, either with themself or with others. The benefits of a clinical supervision approach is that it allows the individual to focus on those relationships.

The outputs are routinely seen with reduced stress and anxiety and important side benefit is that this fiters down, into and across organisations.

Others suggest the following underpin what 'Supervision' is?



Guidelines describe Executive Supervision as:

“The primary focus is (on) the actual doing of the work and how workers can extend themselves in relation to their practice. By contrast, 'managerial' supervision almost exclusively centres on whether certain performance standards have been attained and organisational protocols followed (organisational outcomes)”

(Clinical as a term is understandably associated with the medical model, but the provision is applicable to many professions where people are at the centre!)

The impact of supervision (Kilminster & Jolly 2001)


4000 patients reported better outcomes when cared for by supervised Doctor

Support for inexperienced doctors

Social Work

Client focused supervision increased staff in their use of basic commuication, problem solving, relationship skills, better client outcomes


237 clients self rated impact on provision as positive


Targeted observation and provision of feedback saw improved teaching skills and improved quality and quantity of interactions with pupils

What does the supervision look like?
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